get your sh*t together

get your sh*t together: Set of stickers to keep distractions away

Promoting focus among students


Duration: 3 weeks

Team: 2 other design students and myself

My Role: As a group, we designed and iterated on our idea.

Background: We were given the task to promote focus and diligence. We picked high school and college students as our target audience because they need help with focusing on work. 

Solution: A sticker set for a phone, laptop, and other distracting items. The stickers tell you in a firm but friendly voice that you need to get your sh*t together. Set comes with one laptop sticker, a phone sticker, and six extra stickers to stick onto whatever else is distracting. Simply peel the sticker and place it onto the screen or object. On the go? No problem. Set contains portable wallet sized folder for phone and small stickers to take with you when you're working at coffee shops.


We were given the task of focus and diligence. During our first brainstorming meeting, we defined our audience, purpose and came up with possible solutions. Our two main ideas were:

  • App that locks people out from their phones and their laptop
  • Desk calendar to see the tasks they need to do

As we kept talking, we bought up the Pomodoro timer and wanted to do similar. We thought of using blocks to help us. The user will arrange blocks on a shelf, with each block representing a task and the time it takes to complete that task. The user then takes a photo of the blocks with a mobile app. The app recognizes the color blocks and will act like a timer to get work done.

We started prototyping the blocks and realized that we were focusing more on an actual product. The blocks show the user how much time they waste but didn't necessarily promote focus. We then pivoted and thought about apps that barred users from accessing their phones. Many apps already existed and we weren't going to create another app. Instead we came up with the idea of physical stickers to block the screen.

We wanted simple colors and a firm but friendly voice. We named our product get your sh*t together because that is a phrase a friend would tell you to help you move in the right direction. 

Color and type studies:


  • Band around the stickers: band was too easy to loose and people might not know to keep it
  • File organizer: weren't sure where to put validating text and instructions
  • Whiteboard: too bulky and not portable

Finally we decided on folders: one for the laptop sticker and one for the iPhone and everything else stickers. We then designed the folders to look similar to the stickers so it looked like one branded product and that everything would work together as a system.


  • Creating a system
  • Making quick decisions and working quickly because of the short project timeline