Hugging my new boyfriend in Amsterdam

Hugging my new boyfriend in Amsterdam


I am Lucy Mou, a user experience designer passionate about understanding people and improving their lives.

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English, Chinese, Japanese,
and K-pop


Communication Design and HCI at Carnegie Mellon

I'm currently a UX designer at SAP in the bay area. My expertise lies in understanding users and transforming those insights into conceptual ideas. I focus on the who and why to build user-friendly experiences and interactions.

The world around us is complicated and crazy. I believe that design helps us make sense of the world and empowers us to accomplish our goals. Design empowers us with tools to perform tasks we never thought were possible and enables us to act more efficiently. I want to use my design knowledge to help people and create a positive change in the world.

Send me a message if you're interested in collaborating or would like to learn more about any of the projects in my portfolio! ymou94@gmail.com

Fun facts you might not know about me

  • I am a secret volleyball ninja. I may not be tall but I love to play at open gyms every chance I get. I love the sense of community and the opportunity to meet new people.

  • I adventure around my kitchen baking sweet treats. I scour the internet for new recipes because I am up for trying anything.

  • I attend design talks and meet ups a couple times a month. I love learning about the amazing work other designers are doing and meeting awesome people.

  • I love tiny succulents and have a shelf in my bedroom full of these lil cuties.

  • I've learned so much Korean listening to K-pop and watching K-dramas that when I worked on a project with Korean coworkers, they spoke Korean while working because they knew I understood almost everything.